May 9, 2023

Today, the citizens of Vestavia Hills voted against providing additional financial support for our school system. On behalf of the Board of Education, I want to express appreciation for the many people who invested energy and heart into the efforts to support the plan. The outcome of the election does not indicate a lack of support for our schools. I am confident that we will continue to benefit from the support our community has given our school system since its inception. 

The value of our democracy is that citizens are empowered with the responsibility to vote on matters which impact a city, state and nation. I am appreciative to every person who voted and thoughtfully considered the plan set forth by the school system. We will respect the decision of voters and, accordingly, will begin to prioritize our academic, staffing, and facility needs within the level of financial support we currently receive. 

Vestavia Hills City Schools remains committed to the mission of providing every student the opportunity to learn without limits. Our focus on continually improving learning experiences for our students is unwavering. We will embrace the future with the same optimism that propelled our school system through the challenges it faced when it was founded 53 years ago.

Todd Freeman, Ed.D.
Vestavia Hills City Schools